Your privacy is important to us, we want you to be able to manage your alert preferences with ease. If you find you are getting irrelevant alerts or more alerts than you expected, you can remove your individual alerts using the steps below.  If you want to completely delete your account, you can easily do that too.

Deleting an individual alert

  1. Login to your property alerts account here.
  2. Select the alert you want to delete, then click on the delete link.
  3. You will be prompted “Are you sure? This cannot be undone” – Click OK to delete.
Deleting a property alert

Deleting Your Property Alerts Account

  1. Login to your property alerts account here.
  2. At the bototm you will see a red “Delete Account” button.
  3. Click this button to delete your account, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
  4. Click “Yes – Delete my account” to completely remove your account.
  5. You account is now deleted.


Delete your whole account